USM Recordings is a collective of artists that shares the same vision, transparency, unity, love, egoless expression, empathy and freedom.


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USM Recordings and Monument present Future Soundscapes II

Even if summer ended a couple of months ago, there is still a way to enjoy the season’s vibe once again. Although eager to bid farewell to what it offered us this year and organise ourselves for what’s coming up next, the right music is enough to help us commemorate those lovely experiences. For this occasion, we introduce you to a label that has something fresh, clean, and rather mystical. Combining images from North Aegean’s island of Lesvos with distinguishably atmospheric compositions, the Greek collective USM Recordings presents a unique video mix showcasing their sound and character. Mainly consisting of tracks from their latest compilation Future Soundscapes II, previously released and upcoming creations are also used in order to align their sonic dynamic in this thoroughly crafted selection.

USM Recordings presents "ENSINESTHISI" (Teaser)

USM Recordings presents an audiovisual event with the participation of AgainstMe, Kobzev & Mic Meimaroglou. 180 minutes of observing electronic sound, images, people and how the combination of all these interacts with our emotions. How easily can we connect with the environment and people around us? How can electronic sound become the bridge for this connection? From the ambient sounds of Lesbian Land to Techno musical forms, in his music now.

Visuals by: Mitilos P2
Date: August 1st 2022
Location: Lefko Harti, Mytilene, Greece
Videography: Konstantinos Vougioukas
Production: USM Recordings
Music: Mic Meimaroglou – Untitled
Supported by:, Mastic Tears, Yalo Yalo Aspropotamos, Pink Hippo Tattoo Studio

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