AgainstMe is a greek Berlin-based DJ, Producer & co-founder of SOCIETY 3000.

His music got released on different record labels around the world and during the last year, he managed to have three physical releases. Some of the most important releases during the last years were, his first-ever record “Inequalities” released on Liquid drops and it got distributed by Triple vision, his album “Egoless” in Diffuse Reality, and “Cool Move” released on Sticky ground.

He already enjoyed support from online platforms like 6am, Hate Electronic Groove & Beater, and artists like Umwelt, K-Hand, Mikael Delta & Elli Acula. On top of that, he has cooperated with the talented Moritz Simon Geist for his project “Raving alone” which was supported by FACT Magazine and Orb Mag.

As a DJ, he has played in different clubs/venues like Temple Athens, Suicide Berlin, Polygon Berlin, Kilihaus Berlin , Astron Bar, Loophole Berlin, and many more.

Currently, he has just built his new studio in Berlin and he is working on different new eps and his second album which is gonna be released soon.

#brokenTechno #fastgroovy #electro