V​.​A. Future Soundscapes II

USM Recordings returns with “Future Soundscapes II”. Our V.A. series focus in musical diversity and trying to create a safe space for experimenting and presenting music which is not always dancefloor oriented . This time, after almost a year, we are happy to present you the sequel of “Future Soundscapes” V.A. which is a seven-track compilation pushing the boundaries of the relieving ambience and merging it with the more complex rhythmic patterns of techno and experimental music.
Curated by AgainstMe
1. Wild Anima – Persephone
2. Pâris. – Revma
3. Patterns of Life – Mantinada
4. Tokageroh – Routina
5. Kobzev & Crys – Prinzenallee 0
6. Mic Meimaroglou – Invisible Space
7. Icarus in love – Limited Memory

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