Wild Anima – Phytosynthesis


Title: Wild Anima – Phytosynthesis
Code: USMRCD003
Label: USM Recordings
Release Date: December 22, 2023
Format: CD Digipack, Digital
Genre: Ambient

Mastering: USM Recordings Studio
Artwork: Gözde Güngör

Introducing “Phytosynthesis” by Wild Anima, an innovative and enchanting
11-track ambient music album that unveils the hidden melodies of the
botanical world. Under the prestigious USM Recordings label, Wild Anima
explores the fascinating realm where science and art converge.

In “Phytosynthesis,” Wild Anima has harnessed the essence of plants,
capturing their secret symphonies and translating them into ethereal
music. Each track is a mesmerizing journey into the organic realm, where
the subtle sounds of leaves rustling, water droplets on petals, and the
gentle whispers of the natural world are transformed into hauntingly
beautiful compositions.

“Phytosynthesis” is more than an album; it’s a
sensory exploration of the interconnectedness between humans and
nature. It’s a reminder that the world around us is alive with its own
unique rhythms and melodies, waiting to be discovered through music.

01 – Wild Anima – Aionia
02 – Wild Anima – Heliotrope
03 – Wild Anima – Phytosynthesis 1
04 – Wild Anima – Phytosynthesis 2
05 – Wild Anima – Phytosynthesis 3
06 – Wild Anima – Symphonia
07 – Wild Anima – Yasemin
08 – Wild Anima – Chlorophyll
09 – Wild Anima – Chrysanthi
10 – Wild Anima – Daphne
11 – Wild Anima – Dianthus

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