Icarus in love – Lost EP


Almost one year from his debut EP release in USM Recordings, Icarus in love returns with “Lost” Ep. Already from this second work of Icarus in love we can recognize his footprint. Contemporary, hypnotic, melodic with Techno based patterns. Icarus in love presents his vision for contemporary electronic music through this magnificent release. Buy Now

Stergios Sigma – 1994 EP


USM Recordings focused on presenting quality pieces of contemporary electronic music from talented artists. This time we have some frequencies from Lemnos island, Greece. Stergios Sigma has his own style to deliver emotions through the frequencies of sound. This colorful ep includes 2 great remixes from Antimatter Particle and Mic Meimaroglou. Buy Now

Aithale – I’m The Tree


Aithale (for the world Michael Meimaroglou) presents his 2nd complete album entitled “I’m the tree” on June 1st, 2020 which will be release by USM Recordings. This music work consists of 8 compositions under the music style of IDM/Electronica with the exception of “Seven Keys” & “I’m the tree”. For the first time in this […]

Mic Meimaroglou – Choros EP


Mic Meimaroglou presents a mixture of frequencies that fulfils the space and brings together emotions and energy. Choros EP includes 4 tracks directed for the dance floor, the space that people moves and express themselves like one body. AgainstMe puts his hands on the track ‘Choros’ and makes a skillfully transformation. Buy Now

AgainstMe – Archetype EP


AgainstMe makes his debut on USM Recordings with ‘Archetype’ ep, which includes a great remix from Futur-E. ‘Archetype’ includes 3 great compositions, ready to bring emotions on the dancefloor. AgainstMe definitely drives us to the future and has a lot to say. Buy Now

Icarus in love – Cosmic Energy EP


“Icarus in love” brings us music frequencies from Icaria island. With “Cosmic Enegy” ep makes his debut solo release on USM Recordings including a remix by Mic Meimaroglou. The Ep includes 2 original and 1 remix tracks which are a bright example of contemporary electronic music. Futuristic atmosphere, warm vocals, synths and keys surrounds the […]

Exarchos – Niktobatis EP


George Exarchos is well known from the Greek duo ‘9West’ and the solo project ‘Just 9eorge’. George with his new moniker ‘EXARCHOS’ presents analog sounds directly from the machines. The ep ‘Niktobatis’ represent his state of Techno with futuristic sounds and a retro aesthetic. Buy Now

9West – Retroscope EP


The Greek duo 9West after 3 years of their latest LP, strikes back with a massive ep on USM Recordings. After a long time working on new sounds, George and Constantine come with the ep “Retroscope” which represents their vision of Techno. “Retroscope” is a dancefloor oriented ep that has the right elements to make […]

Mic Meimaroglou – Taur Whisper EP

Taur Whisper

The founder of USM & USM Recordings Mic Meimaroglou introduces the second release of his imprint. Mic skillfully combines emotions & frequencies that makes a unique mixture of Techno. “Taur Whisper” ep is a representative sample of his sound recipe. This “mysterious” ep includes three original tracks and one dancefloor killer remix of the young […]

V.A. – Electronic Seikilos


This project intends to promote Greek artists and feature the contemporary Greek electronic scene.  Our goal is to offer the earnings from the sales of the compilation, for the purchase of synthesizers, drum machines and other electronic music equipment, which will be gifted to Elementary Music Schools all over Greece, in an attempt to bring […]